Automatic text taken from product name or h1, h2, etc

So I’m trying to set up a template for a blog and woocommerce site. Does anybody know a way to easily define something (e.g. a heading or product name or certain piece of text) and simply have it duplicated whenever I input a shortcode.

For example:
Product name = Big Blob

Within the description text, instead of writing Big Blob, I’d put a shortcode or something that just copies “Big Blob” wherever I want. Like I might want to write:

Features of Big Blob

Could I make it so that it references the text so in the text editor I would just write “Features of [bb]”

Thanks for any help guys,

Anything at all that ccan be useful in a template (product name, price, certain areas of text etc)?I’m certain it’s an easy and obvious job but I’m just overlooking it.

If someone can help I’m willing to pay.