Automatic debit of 33$, without knowing why

Hello Team,
November and Decemeber there is an automatic debit of 33$, from back account. I dont know why it happened. I contacted customer care and there is no support, there is no reply.

I contacted in November, not solved. December also 33$ debited from my account. I didnt gave my card info in envato before. Can any one help me regarding this issue. Please Please

You mentioned that you contacted “customer care”, was it this?

It can take some time to get a reply, but they will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you should also contact your bank. If you’re getting charged for something that you know you never bought or never gave your card info, then you should always contact your bank or credit card company about it.

Hi @FormyClients,

As far I understand from your post you are a envato elements subscriber and your chosen plan is monthly. So, each month you are getting auto renewal. So, if you don’t want to continue the subscription you must have to cancel your subscription.

You are always open to cancel your subscription at any time:

If you like you can contact Elements Support for any query. Support Team will be happy to help.


yes that is the link I have used for support

I didnt subscribe to any :frowning:
Raised ticket also, but not solved.

as the payment debit monthly (subscription payment) please contact elements support (I have provided link) if you already not done. elements support team will be happy to check it for you. and keep patience till receive their reply. they will reply as quickly they can. Thanks

Yea, messaged them.
Already I contacted them on 9th November and they replied at 21st November. I replied them in the same day just after 5 hours. Their second reply was on 29th November saying, Your ticket has been resolved. I thought it was completed. On Dec 1st again debited.
I hope this time they will resolve asap

If you’ve never given your card details here to subscribe to Envato Elements, then I advise you cancel your card before contacting Elements support.

As I have mentioned in my first reply:
if you don’t want to continue the subscription you must have to cancel your subscription.

So, if you cancel your subscription then it will not renew the next payment cycle and you will not charge.

Just wondering if he even has an account, or knows the login details if he’s never subscribed… and somebody has used his card without his knowledge. Worth a try though!

yea, same thing I am worrying about. Someone used my card for envato. I have only one account in envato and I didnt subscribed. Some one else did. I want to know who did that. I raised the request and waiting for their reply :slight_smile: