Automatic CodeCanyon releases?

I was wondering if there is any software that helps with updating your items? I don’t like having to upload the files manually and edit the description each time I release a new update. Does the Envato Market API also allow edits on your files? Having an API to, for example, edit the description/price of an item would be great. This way you could not only update on new releases but also programmatically create promotions (eg: add a 50% off banner to the description and lower the price by 50% )

You forgot the part where the update has to be approved first.
This is, for many reasons such a pain in the ass. If for example there is a security issue with your item and you have to release a quick update, you have to wait a few days for the update to be approved.
Real bummer.

Yeah, I know, but this has nothing to do with my question. I never had an update being rejected, and even if I had than it means that if I had automatic deploying then making the requested changes and uploading the updates again would also be faster. eg: just make your changes and run a console command like publish myItemName which would do the following (if the API allowed):

  • upload the new source files
  • update the presentation image
  • update the thumbnail
  • update the item description with the changelog from the local files