Automated monthly payment




two weeks ago, I set automated monthly payments to my PayPal account, and as 15 march is closer everyday, I would like to ask if it will withdrawl money that I had when I set that automated payment, or it will withdrawl all earnings on the account.

Regards, ModernLab.


Look here. That means all the money that you have on 23:59:59 of a last day of a month.


That’s not helpful for me, as I need to know if all earning on account will be processed, not when they’ll be processed.


Let’s say you got $1.000 on the last day of the month (February). And say you’ll have $1.500 on the 15th of March. That means you’ll be paid $1.000, not $1.500. You’ll already see that your balance will be reset to $0 on the first day of March.


Thank you very much, that’s the advice I was looking for.


You’re welcome.