Automate Item Update

Envato is such an old company and already has API functionality for a lot of stuff and even for things we don’t need. But they have no API or automated method for authors to update their product on envato.

We release more than 4-5 updates per month with fixes and new features but still we have to upload the updated zip manually and submit it for approval. It would have been so easy it they had some automated process or API for this as all of our other build process is automated.

Who else thinks we need an API for updating our items?

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Me ofc. This was brought up many times before, for many years.

I’ve been updating up to 15 items constantly, and the truth is, everything from my side is automated, up to a point where I need to edit the items on-site, update files and the item pages.

To speak truly, even this part can be automated, as there’s software that can browse item pages for you, can select .zip files, can even edit the item desc field if you make it do that and everything. (it acts like a macro script and works directly in your browser)

So, even today you can make a system that has one button you click it and it updates everything. It’s not the API and the regular way we’d like it do be, but it can work.

Hope it helps, as the true solution to this issue is some time away!

Would love to see a true solution of this from Envato. Its literally nothing to get implemented and does not even need any research or anything as its author facing and not consumer facing.

I tried a few products in the past, macro based, but none of them were upto the mark. If you dont mind can you please tell about the software you use? If not here maybe you can drop a message?

This would be very cool, but I wouldn’t expect any movement in this area because there are no longer any developers at Envato who are dedicated to API features.

Also, it isn’t as easy to implement as you seem to think. They migrated from a simple Node.js backend to a much more complex Amazon API Gateway backend – much more reliable but at the expense that development is harder, slower, more complicated.

I’ve had success using puppeteer to automate tasks like this instead. Just be careful using it on a server because it loves to eat memory.

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