Autoblog - populate with RSS Feeds - Not Wordpress

I have searched but not found much.

I am looking for site themes that are specifically designed so that most content is pupulated from RSS Feeds.

Preference is News / Entertainment / Movies

I do not want Wordpress.

Prefernece is somethign as close as possible to plaIin HTML + PHP, though I do realise a lot of themes are based on some form of CMS.

Any links to suitable themes with live domos would be appreciated.


Hello. What do you think about a custom script tailored on your needs?

If you couldn’t find anything at Envato then maybe you can hire me or my team via envato studio or also via profile


Find a few news / video theme on anywhere. Give me links to demos.
Tell me if you would use a framework or plain HTML/CSS/PHP and MySQL if necessary to create something similar.
Describe the control features you would include.
Quote a price.

If I think you might be able to provide what I need at a reasonable price we can talk, revise price and spec.

Thanks Colin

I will assume that is a “no” @promotionking

It’s not possible to share links or any references here as per Envato’s forum and moderators reviewing policy but i will share and send you links as soon as you have pinged me via email