Auto Transport quoter

We are looking for hellp in making an auto quoting program. We have the provider with the data, but are looking for something like we have seen in the following sites:

National Express

Both of these do automated quotes and calculate the rate on the screen. I know this has been asked for before, but it was a while ago.

We have access to an API that provides the data, we just need it on screen and to save the information on to a location in wordpress when they order. Thanks.

Hello, @NEAT1

Welcome to the forums! You may want to check Envato Studio for freelancers.



It can be done it all depends from your budget. This is custom made thing there is no out of box solution.Can you give me more detail informations about that API and link from your site?

The API receives the year, make, model of the vehicle, the date you want to send the vehicle, zip codes to and from. It will then respond with a price. All that does is give you that $ price. But I then want it to take that information and save the details provided by the user, along with an email address and phone so we can call them back. It will save this as a private custom post in WP