Auto suggest and Auto Complete , suburbs Australia

We need it !

Our client has very specific instructions. Get me a auto complete / suggestion script.

Must be state selectable, ie selcet Queensland and all suburbs are propogated in “jump menu” for want of better description.
Select Postcode, and all Post codes for associated suburbs are indicated.

Must offer autocomplete after 3 letters typed in.

Must use the geotargeting api, for nearby suburbs.

To get a feel for what is needed. Visit

Need this done within 10 days, please message me via my profile email address.
This needs to be fully ajax oriented/jquery preferred, but not prototype.

Fully mysql backend, data propogation. If you think you can do it, I can get you full Australian Post Code database, to get you going.

Needs to be FAST !


Once you have a target suburb, displaying surrounding suburbs is simply a matter of taking that target suburb’s latitude and longitude and doing a ‘surrounding suburbs’ lookup. Using a getLocationsNearLatLon function will do this for you, or you can write your own implementation.

What most developers do is store the latitude and longitude of each property and then perform proximity-based searches on the properties rather than the suburb/postcode database. This results in a faster database query. In this case, the suburb and postcode databases are only used to look up the target suburb/postcode’s latitude and longitude.

Google Maps API geocoding can be used to obtain the property’s latitude and longitude when the property/database entry is created.

This is for a real estate search engine for client.