Auto refresh User browser on post update in Wordpress in Real Time

Hi there,
do you know if there is some plugin that can do this:
Whenever a wordpress post is updated (server) then automatically all browsers (clients) that are navigating the site receives a refresh page.
Is there a plugin for that?

I don’t know if there is a plugin for that or not, I am typing this comment to let you know I am interesting in doing that for your site/project, the task can go in this following way :
1- adding ajax action to your post edit screen so it will fire each time you update any post.
2- tracking that action in real time on every client browser.
3- If that action response then I can force the browser to refresh or I can append the new content immediately without refresh with nice loading animation to let the user know what is happening.
The ajax action is really simple one I guarantee it won’t add real load to your project.

Feel free to message me if you are interesting.

Hi, sounds interesting what you says,
I have some questions because actually what is loaded in the post/page is a Revolution Slider,

  1. Do you think that it could work just when a new slide is added/updated in the slider through Slider Revolution admin panel, that is without updating the post/page that contains it…
  2. Could you also encapsulate the hole process into a plugin?

I know revolution slider plugin but honestly I didn’t dig that deep with it so i don’t know how it save/update slides, does it save the slides as an array in custom sql table, or does it use post meta to save settings, and many other things I should understand first before I can answer anything.

I think you should contact the plugin author it’s his plugin and he knows every part of it. if he can provide some action that is fires every time you update or save the slide then I can give you the hole process into a plugin.


I know they have an api for sliders
I will ask for that action if they have implemented and come back.

Thanks in advance.