Auto/home insurance quoting system



Hello everyone I am interested in knowing if there are any plugins for an insurance quoting system. I will be translating it into Spanish myself or if plug in exist to translate to Spanish even better. I am looking for something like goji . com or where it allows the customer to fill in all fields and then prices for different insurance companies will be available, the customer then can chose which company they would like but at the same time save the info into an application for me to see later. Thank you for the help in advance…


You can try with this


I dont think that would work. Know anyone who is knowledgeable in this field?


I can make custom loan calculator if you want?


So what you are saying is that the loan calculator will work just like the websites I posted above at least the functionality of quoting prices and the different companies that would pop up at the end?


please read the little box of description---- can this be done with the loan calculator?


I can what you want but I need detail specifications how will that calculator working. And I will make by your specifications.
Such job is custom made so it will not cheap.