Auto embed youtube video's on website

Is there a way to automatically embed my favorite video’s from my YouTube account onto my website?

A good place to start would be to take a look at the youtube api’s:

There will be information there if you can grab someone’s favourite videos :slight_smile:

I haven’t done much work with youtube stuff, but if you don’t have any luck with finding anything in the API, there will most probably be someone else here on the forums who can assist you further :slight_smile:

Just try out my youtube app :slight_smile:

Thanks Reaper, i’ll check that out.

@ceasar, i actually found your script when searching CC. It looks like a really great script, but i want the video’s to be embedded separately.

But then I don’t understand what you mean.
You can add all your video’s seperate with the normal embed method or a jquery snippet.

@ceasar, you lost me at ‘jquery snippet’ :slight_smile: Here’;s the situation:

I got a YT account that is subcribed to several other accounts, these accounts produce similair video’s like mine. On my website i’ve got my own video’s, but i also want an extra page with all the similair video’s from my youtube subscriptions.

Together these accounts produce alot of video’s so it will be too much work to embed them manually each time. So i’m looking for a way to get those video’s embedded on my website automatically. I was talking about favorites because that way i could filter the stream with video’s that i really like, instead of having them all on my website.

Sent me the link to your channel and and I will have a look.
If you don’t want to place the link here sent me a privat mail

I think I found something.
Try this.

and tell me if it gets the subcribed video’s

Or this one

Or can you try this one

I updated the yahoo pipe and ir seems to be working now :slight_smile:

Just add your username

ceasar said

I updated the yahoo pipe and ir seems to be working now :slight_smile:

Just add your username

Wow, thanks Ceasar. That looks really good, i’m gonna test it right away.

Well, it seems that with the current CMS i use i need a custom template (using the Synapse CMS, i think its Cold Fusion based so i’ve got to hire an Synapse programmer to create it) So that will take a little longer then anticipated, i’ll post an update soon.