Authors, what support platform are you using?




I would like your suggestions about a good support platform to offer premium help to my buyers on Envato.

Currently I used a dedicated website for one of my items, but it lacks some important features and I don’t have the time to develop a complete support system.
I tried Ticksy a little, but saw that it’s not possible to create subcategories and it’s really “support oriented” - whereas, I want it to be a support platform AND a place where my verified buyers will be able to make suggestions or ideas to improve the final product. A place to talk about the product (like a forum) AND to find support (ability to open / close tickets). I don’t know if this kind of platform already exists. The big advantage of Ticksy was its Envato API implementation, which allows us, authors, to open the website only to verified buyers.

Or maybe I should find my solution in some good ThemeForest Support Themes ?

Do you have some ideas ?



What about


Check out my ultimate client manager bbpress forum. Suggestions, paid feature requests, voting, purchase verification. Is that what you’re after?