[Authors] What do you think of this new free Page Builder plugin?

Page builder plugins are now commonplace and there are many options available, both free and premium.

I have released a free and open source page builder called Tailor which addresses what some consider to be a worrying trend: incredibly complex builders (and as a result themes) that end up overwhelming end users. It does this by providing a simple, intuitive drag and drop user interface (which is recognisably WordPress) along with the ability to easily extend it with your own plugins and themes. It intentionally leaves as much of the design to the theme as possible, so websites don’t all end up looking the same and theme developers don’t have trouble providing their own look and feel.

If anyone has worked with page builders in the past (or intends to in the future), I’d love to get your thoughts on Tailor. Below are some links that may interest you:

http://support.gettailor.com (documentation, support, community and a little information about extending etc.).

For those who are fundamentally opposed to this type of plugin, I apologise for introducing more evil into the world :smiley:



How did this not get any replies? ?

Guys go and check out the screenshots: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tailor/

This thing is awesome!

Well done @andrewworsfold

I’m gonna use it in my next theme :slight_smile:

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Looks and works great! Congrats!

I don’t get it, why are some people opposed to this type of plugin, or better said why would it bring evil into the world?

As long as page builders are getting so popular, isn’t it obvious it’s a necessity and comes as a tool to help building websites easier and faster? Why do the opposite and force users into using hard to remember shortcodes or special syntax?

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This thing is about to take off, check out the stats:


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Thanks guys!

I agree with you @hogash. There is demand for this type of functionality and the alternatives are unfortunately not very attractive. A lot of the complaints levelled against page builders are quite valid and Tailor is my attempt at something that’s simple yet powerful, extensible and most importantly free. Time will tell how it’s received.

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Looks very promising. And, it looks like you “stole” my idea :wink: (I had something very similiar in mind)
I was planning to build something similar, because all other page builders are getting too complicated.
Now I don’t have to, as it seems …
I’ll try something even more simpler for user. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for stealing your idea :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to get involved in the development of Tailor we’d love to have you over at the GitHub project!

I’ll consider to switch onto this page builder.

mate, you need to use some avatar for your profile pic here. You will psychologically get more attention from this forum.

There you go. Careful what you wish for :wink:

If you do have any questions or comments when you check out Tailor, let me know!

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