Authors we need to gather - illegal distributing of our items needs to stop

We need some separated chat group for authors only to talk and arrange some serious DMCA and copyright letters to sites like “fiv her” and “five squit” (names changed).

I have been searching for my own and known VH projects on those sites and then searching for them in videohive and letting the original authors know. So i thought it would be much faster if we would have some kind of hidden author chat where such illegal projects would be linked if spotted so we could all be aware and report it as soon as its posted. And would check time to time if there is any new spotted illegal items.

I have reported hunders of NOT MY OWN items which belongs to YOU guys. And i am tired of searching for the authors who it belongs to. We need some kind of system how it can be done fast as soon as it appears.

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illegal distribution is the only reason why I stopped making new scripts. It’s really sad to see that your hard work is being shared for free.

I have spotted some of my files on “fiv her”.
I don’t have any experience with DMCA notice and what should I do in these situations.

After some mild research about it I have decided it’s better to focus on creating new stuff and updating old (stolen ones).

It’s really hard for authors to battle with this beast alone. But at the end of the day, we have to.

You might find very useful a thread in the old forum, enjoy :wink:

just read the initial post in the thread and you’ll find there more…

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So, just Skype? What’s your plan exactly? Appreciate you looking out for all the authors too.