Authors Taking Their Own Commissions?

I am very curious as to what is going on here. I just noticed after becoming an affiliate that authors are able to take their own commissions? When I refer somebody to a theme such as this one:

When they click to buy the theme from their demo, a new referrer is put into place. If this is the case, it is rather upsetting. I would like to see something put in place to not allow things like this to happen. I find it unfair to the affiliates who work hard to push the authors/Envato’s themes only to get our referral link overwritten. Is that how this works?

I’d appreciate any help and answer to this question. I’ll also be looking into this a bit more by digging around cookies in place after clicking both the original referral link, and the buy theme referral link. Hopefully it does not get overwritten.

unfortunately for u magic do not really exist evanto cannot control all external link from everywhere they will have absolutely no way to track if a link have been previously clicked somewhere else.

No, the cut goes to the person whose link was clicked first. That is mentioned in the Affiliate Program terms. Check it out here.

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Much appreciated! I missed the fine print. :slight_smile:

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