Authors Suffer on Item Negative Rating Issues

We are writing this in response to the negative ratings received from customers without proper justifications.

For example, when one of our clients raising an issue with theme installation, gave us a 1 star rating without even contacting us to clarify the issue that was faced by them.
What he did was to give us a 1 star rating!

Already 1000+ Customers have bought that particular theme and we are maintaining the best rating for that theme.
The client contacted us back and we have given the steps to follow and in case of any difficulties, we are ready to help with installation too. (Envato is recommending to inform installation as add-on service, Can we do the installation as free service, without announcing it on our descriptions or promotions…?)
Even if we are ready to do it for free, they are not willing to provide the WP and FTP credentials. They just need an answer which should fix this issue. Without co-operation from client, how can we deliver better support?

In few cases, even if the bug is in our theme, we suggest ThemeForest to refund the money also.
Ultimately we want to exceed the customers’ expectations and always strive to provide the best experience possible, with the highest regards to quality and customer satisfaction.
Our Support team handles hundreds of tickets a day and we are promptly responding to the issues raised and resolving the issues faced by customers.

Just because of few bad ratings, without any real issues on our side, our overall rating getting affected is not fair.
Just as the customers get their refund, Authors too need a system where they can show the proof or report to Envato team when a customer uses Rating to threaten or spoil the Brand value.

Our real gripe in all this is why do buyers rate us negatively even before contacting us?
Is there any recourse for us authors?

It seems like we are totally at the mercy of our buyers.
If they rate us negatively, there really isn’t anything we can do except to leave a lame reply. There should be some way these stars are moderated in a realistic manner.

It’s just not right that one buyer can totally destroy our otherwise perfect ratings.
May be many authors are facing same issues, Will Envato do something to fix this!

Yeah, I got a negative rating the other week as my motion graphics item didn’t include an After Effects project. It wasn’t in the After Effects category, I didn’t mention whether it was or wasn’t created in After Effects, and there was no mention of anything being included other than the video clip itself. Bit unfair.

The thing is, if they’d just got in touch then I could probably send them the source files, but no such joy. I might update it when I have chance.

Some time they buy HTML or other version of the theme and will post negative rating, because it is not WP.

For few we assist them to get refund , if they contact us!

Yeah, I bought a PSD version of a site once, assuming that it was HTML for some reason. That’s my fault though, nobody else’s.

u are right to think this way, u are assuming your “mistake”, the problem is that in the past many guys complained that some buyers failed to read and did refuse to acknowledge that they failed to read properly and gave these guys a bad review, which is not fair …