AUTHORS: Retain Backups of Your Files!

I’m always surprised at how many authors don’t retain a copy of the working files for items that they create.

Often times, we have to ask an author to correct an issue with a project, only for find out the author no longer has access to the files they created. Sometimes its due to hard drive failure, but usually its because the author deleted the files from their computer after approval. (This is a REALLY BAD idea!)

After a file is approved for sale, please do not delete the working files. Instead, store them in an external backup hard drive, or a cloud service such as Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. There are plenty of affordable, high-capacity storage options these days.

If an issue arises in the future – such as the ZIP becoming corrupted, or if something with file needs to be fixed – if you didn’t retain a copy of all files for immediate access, you won’t be able to correct the problem, possibly resulting in the item being permanently disabled.


Thank you for sharing , very important information !

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It can also be because they didn’t actually make the item themselves. :slight_smile:

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Why do people do that? O_0
I save all my projects in 5 places: work PC, home PC, USB flash drives, Winchester disk, Videohive portfolio

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I think I have 3 or 4 copies of all my data on different hard drives, including the ones installed on the pc.
next step is to bring the disk in different locations… :slight_smile:
backups is the most important thing you must do in this digital era…
and do not forget also to clone you operating system disk into another disk, to prevent crash, failures and virus (never got one, by the way…). i use minitool partition wizard free for this task.

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Completely not out of the realm of possibility :wink:

@romlam @bosone - sounds like you guys are doing it right!

Learnt this in hard way, I lost some files in 2012, I lost 10 days of working files, rest were backed up, Thanks for a remiinder

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My PC ran into problem , I might lose all my data now :frowning:
I recently uploaded an After Effects template , it’s in a queue and since it is not already accepted i didn’t bother to back up.
But the template is really important for me , is it possible to download the template even if it gets rejected.
I spent a lot of time creating it I just wish it shouldn’t get lost

It will be possible to download your template only if it wiil be soft rejected

The main file can be transferred back to you via a file transfer platform such as Dropbox. If you need access to the ZIP, please contact Envato Support and request the files be made available to you.

Not necessarily. Even if the project is hard-rejected, we can still make the file available to the author.


Thanks for the help!! I am contacting envato support for the files now.

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I suggest that you guys put all your project files in a cloud based system. I use google drive and I always sync my videohive folder while I am working.