Authors, please don't do this! 🙅🏻‍♀️

Hi mates! I know this is a strategy to boost your sales by improving your position in the search engine. When we were newbies, we also used to do this practice, but we never forced any feedback on an actual track. That’s why authors using Feedback 4 Feedback thread.

I think I’m a kind person who helps others with pleasure but commenting it’s really about goodwill and I also learned this from older, more experienced authors and we don’t use this practice anymore, nor the “Feedback 4 Feedback” thread.

Of course, if we get a comment on a fresh track we will give it back with no problem, but when you ask me to comment on an actual track it makes me mad, in particular when your track is in another price category then what I prefer to help with this practice.

Please try to understand that “x kinda” prices are dumping the whole market which is bad for you, bad for all of us if you are thinking in a long term.

I will not enter into any pricing discussion because it’s forbidden on Forums, but please take a good piece of advice from us, and use the new discount tool if you want to attract more your customers and mainly don’t force any feedback from other hard-working authors who try to maintain a healthy portfolio.

I hid the details on my screenshot because I really don’t want to be an @s*hole, but this was not the first time when we get these kinds of comments, and now is enough.

Hate me or love me, that’s my opinion.
Thanks for understanding my standpoint…

Happy Holidays Everyone,


I would delete that thread forever.


I also dislike the way in which some authors like to battle with authors to appear on authors portfolio by playing the follow un-follow tactic. I wish we could have a button that deleted these characters from our follow list. It drives me nuts by the same 3 or 4 authors who ride the coat tail of others. I just wish this leech-like behaviour would stop, amongst other things on this marketplace.


Hey Layla,
From what I know it is not allowed to promote your item on other authors’ comment pages. Flag the message and report them, this is what I do in these cases.

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I know what you mean Layla! When I first started up here on AJ, I tried out that thread to see what it was all about. It’s exhausting, time-consuming, disingenuous and from what I could see, pointless! It’s hard to tell whether the ones that comment "Here’s my nice comment, now please comment on my track here: insert url link to their track…" either didn’t read Audio Trend’s instructions properly, or are just trying to sneak extra traffic to their page. Hopefully, it’s the former, but as Graham mentioned, judging by some of the cheap tricks that some folks get up to, It wouldn’t surprise me if it was the latter.

I can’t imagine many customers even check the comments section, but if you want to remove those comments, you can click the little flag icon at the top right and put the reason for deletion as unwarranted and unprofessional advertising or something like that.

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