Author's percent

Total amount of money an author has earned is calculated based on his current items and its price. Right? That means if I delete a template this number decreases. Plus purchases of extended licence are not counted. So it was in my case, my real profit for envato was higher, than the one shown in earnings. The percent i receive was linked to the real one for the past few years. But for some reason, after changes on envato, something doesn’t work proporly. For example, on the page where one can calculate his percentage, my real total earnings doesn’t change, it is 38k for a lot of months, since then I’ve sold on envato more then 5k. What’s the problem? My percent from selling doesn’t encrease?

You should be getting 60% of the total item price if you’ve made $38K. If you’ve now made $43K then you should be making 61% of the item price.

Never heard of items being removed not counting towards your totals sales amount though, and extended licenses not counting either… would be nice to get a bit of staff clarification on that.