Authors not responding to client after purchace

Please how do i report an author in codecayon

Although it depends on:

  • what the request is?
  • how long it has been?
  • that the question was asked in the appropriate support method/channel

Then you can reach out to envato Envato Market Help and Support

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I bought THESOFTKING software and am having problem on installation then i wrote them on comment and they are not replying and i sent email on their support area and they are not replying

Licensor’s Author Username:

jonathan ugboaja

Item Title:
BinaryMLM - Binary MLM Platform

Item URL:

Item ID:

That was 5 hours ago, right? If I’m not mistaken… they’re based in Bangladesh, so you left a comment on their item at midnight and it’s now 5am.

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I reported/removed your comment(screenshot) from the item. That reaction is highly unprofessional! In the support tab(screenshot) of the item you’ve purchased it clearly states the author’s response time can be up to 1 business day.

Your first comment to them, was 6 hours ago, at 11 at night the authors local time.
Your second, extremely unprofessional and uncalled for comment, came in 4 hours after the first at 5 in the morning their local time with a very poor attitude.

The author can respond in 1 business day. Please note that by purchasing an item, this doesn’t get you 24/7 Live Chat, Phone Support etc. Authors are humans as well, they have families, they eat, they sleep, they rest.

Patience is greatly appreciated in these cases, and such unprofessional outbursts should never happen and can get you into trouble.

It won’t make anyone’s day any better and won’t solve your problem any faster.