Authors from Germany?


Hi all!

German taxes are very interesting when it comes to Envato. Especially for those authors who are exempted from VAT. Is there anyone who has found a solution for that issue?

In the past I used to collect the PayPal statements for the tax office and that’s it. I consider my earnings here as royalties which are like payments from GEMA, so writing an invoice makes no sense for me.


Its a total mess!
The Gema wants to have the rights to all productions and feels responsible for licensing your music to TV, Radios etc. The dilema comes when you want to join Ascap etc and if you want to make Stock Music for a living in full time, you will get in troubles, because the “KSK”(Künstler Sozial Kasse) system is fundet in parts by GEMA Royalties and duties by each client( customer). At least there is a Tax free Amount you are allowed to earn. Otherwise :wave:


So the Gema PRO has answered my email and its offical Black on White. Gema says: Joining the Gema PRO precludes the participation of the author on Royalty Free Music platforms!

Working fulltime as RF Freelancer is not possible in Germany!