Authors copying description from another authors - not cool !!!


I’ve googled the description of some of my top selling tracks and was surprised to know that some authors simply copied my description.
Not cool at all.


Hi @CommercialMusic
This means you write really good music and a description to describe it. Some authors do not have enough sharpness even for description.:wink:


Hi, Yes it’s just great when authors focus on Your music , and take an example from it even in description. :wink:


In this case, I just envy you!


Actually we can get some ideas how to describe our music that is alike to other items. But copying 100% words was worst.


Some months ago, one guy copied from me (from me?! I´m none here! xD) an entire track, changed the tone, took out some notes and that´s all,… even the name, it wasnt a “commercial name”, but exactly the same.
For a while i felt like an important person. xDD


Take is easy.
Some new authors copied 100% of my description (just change the name and category), they don’t even know that some parts are accidentally written in wrong dictation & grammar :slight_smile:
Just think they are Xiaomi and we are Apple. Keep cool & create more cool stuff. :slight_smile:
And one more interesting story: When I wrote job description for hiring more designers to my team, some other agency even stole my recruitment description to recruit. Sad truth, a lot of people who have been doing their job don’t know exactly how to tell about their works.