authors Can you stop posting the "rejected, why?" comments?

hi - it seems many times there’s too many posts from rejected-item authors here.

can we ask to stop that? whiney “I got rejected wah wah wah” posts are Cluttering up the forum. stop whining.

Vote yes if you agree.

Well, these threads were always here - but they were in a specific forum in the old forums, so would get out of the way.

I personally got a lot of help from authors when getting started - and also provided some good help in return to many authors. I do agree though that with these new forums, it seems that every 3rd or 4th topic is hard reject, need help - and it is getting very in-your-face.

I guess the real solution is not to stop these need help thread - but organise the forums in separate categories and allow filtering the content of the homepage - as discussed in other threads.

We are in a terrible need for some cleaned up forum homepage, the current situation is just not good.


I have to agree there are alot of these types of threads, but we should look at the bigger issue here - we have 8 different marketplaces, each with thousands of authors uploading hundreds of items a week, so why on earth did Envato think it would be a good idea to merge all marketplaces into one forum, it comes to no surprise why we now see so many of these types of topics regarding review queues / rejections.


I think it’s a perfectly natural thing for someone who’s spent a lot of time on a project and had it rejected to want to know why. A lot of the work is so-so, but there are very good things that get rejected too.


It’s be good to have settings to filter out categories. Maybe we do have them and I just don’t know about them.

If you find out, let me know :smile: there is a mute feature but it doesn’t seem to work.

@digitalscience @felt_tips the tools are here already - where you can mute some tags on the top right, as shown in the screenshot below:


Ironically, the filters don’t apply on the forum homepage. You can only filter your content in the NEW and UNREAD categories, at least the way the envato forums are currently set.

agree w/digitalscience…re this forum format

would be nice to restore old forums, which were so much better

current format is one big disorganized thread-mess and no the tags don’t help much

old forums were so much more professional and organized


Yep you have to click New tab… strange thing though is I muted video tags but posts with video tags still show up under new.

Yes, REJECTED posts are too many. But it’s not fair to ask the authors not to post any kinds of their question or something. And I think Envato tried hard to create this forum system, so it seems that they would not give up this forum. Filtering personally must be the best way for now, I think.

only a new guy and those who worked for months and reviewer rejected it without giving any insight knows the pain behind those posts…


if you go to preferences page ex:

you have an option to mute and since most of these posts come into “Project feedback”, if you add that category into mute section, you won’t see them anymore
PS. mute “rooftop” aswell as sometimes authors post into that one aswell.

Mute only happens from the moment you apply it to a category. Posts with this category that were already in your feed will not go away, but no new ones will be pulled in.

As @dtbaker mentioned in another thread - if you clear your feed for both new and unread, you will be good going forward.

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hi, why would u like this to happen? do u think that , especially at this time there ar eposes enough to keep the forum alive in GR? i personally do not think so … This request is very unfair, in particular at a time when these posts have never been this is scarce as at this time … not to mention that freedom of expression is what anybody can expect from a place where we are supposed to express …

this is untrue … the fact of the matter is that in the past in GR’s forums, there were really way much more threads like this. Besides, i guess that’s also underlining the fact that the new forums have pushed some guys, especially in the newcomers to come and share some things and opinions right here …

as for me i vote no, i think that people are free to post what they like, in addition, the help center themselves are promoting that people go to the forums and ask for feedback here for rejections that are not understood, which means a lot … by the way where are guys supposed to do just that if they are not allowed to do here? i have no idea … i also fail to identify why people would like all the things that they are not interested in to disappear , maybe that would be great to think about other people and identify their needs sometimes and how this place here is necessary for some guys who really have to trouble to make it here …. . besides, sorry to say just that but apart from review times, from knowing how sales are going, there are less and less topics being discussed so in the end, they better close the forums completely , that will be quicker and easier …

Hi guys,

To avoid this case, I recommend to ask authors that need help post the link they want other authors to review here