Authors call: Feeling neglected


do not want to be a cry baby but I will :slight_smile:

You really should start paying attention on few thing.

  • reviewing times are absurd (for comparison and its way waay bigger market)
  • review procedure has to much mistakes which cost us time
  • ratings issues which are going to escalate from march onwards
  • response times to change/fix/implement authors suggestions
  • envato support (lately i get passed around up to 3 times in 10 days to get a simple answer and in the end I don’t even get anything useful )
  • example: PSD popular section - this is being ignores for a while now with shady excuse answers, is this what we can expect on other categories? Either bring it back or remove popular lists all over :stuck_out_tongue:
  • More licence controlling options

And I can bet other authors will add things. do not forget we Authors are envatos suppliers. In the past 2 years there have been many fantastic ideas from authors, rarely any of them got implemented and those that did, we had to beg for them and in the end we got some half made version of it. If we are paying so much money.)

And I bet this is not just for themeforest but for the rest also.



I agree with all the points. For me the the biggest problems are the review times. No idea why they sometimes increase so much. Resubmissions used to be reviewed in 2-3 days, but we currently have the theme in the queue for 6 days. Also I can see that in the last 5 days only one theme was approved.

If there is something happening that is causing the review times to be this high we would all very much appreciated a note on the forums that there are delays. Because that app that you have that is showing the estimated times (from past 7 days) is showing the average resubmission time of 2 days which I find very hard to believe is true.

And yes, ratings, I don’t even want to start with that…

Totally agree. I would also add:

  • Reviewer comment when you receive Hard Reject: ie: your design sucks, my baby knows how to write better code etc… Sometimes you spent literally months preparing stuff to themeforest and all you got is some cr*appy message like:

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission.

I mean seriously guys… You’re talking nearly half of incomings from us. Three or two words isn’t too much to ask…

Agree with all the points above and the recently the review time has increased to huge. My current resubmission is on 5th day.

hi, for messages the point is that the number of authors and submissions is always growing and that it would take much time to answer all, maybe a more descriptive formula to let people know what’s going could be a way but i think that i wold definitely take more time than the current version and many of us do not want to wait any longer anyway, we all are impatient to have our works reviewed lol

Meaning, more authors more products more sales more money… why then not more reviewers… ? Problem is envato knows that rarely authors will go to other markets because well no other market can bring so much income but that will change, very soon!

lol well a lot have been dreaming of it but the fact of the matter is that competitors have a lot of competition to deal with and only one can rival a bit …

now more reviewers, this may be an option as long as this is not meaning higher fees again … let’s face it also increasing the pace of reviewing is not really necessarily a good news , especially on a longer run as the more the marketplace as daily new items and submissions the less they will be able to generate lots of sales … . I personally rather opt for a middle way … waiting not too long in the queuing … rather that instant things and a higher flow of new daily products …

Lol just checked review times, 12 days :confused: This is getting ridiculous really.

Resubmission 4 days!!! what the… please tell me this is some kind of a joke… you guys down to 2 reviewers? :frowning:

there’s got to be something wrong 4 days for a resubmission looks strange all the same …

Yeah well our theme is 12th day in and not even firth review

This topic will be marked as closed soon :slight_smile: Or maybe they’ll just ignore it.

I doubt it. More like ignored like most of topics :slight_smile:

occasions to express are decreasing and the problem is the more they do new things and the more we can only co;plain about what is being made , sad to think about

Same here.
Feeling so bad.