Authors and Envato both are losing millions of dollars

Hey guys,

Customer have Purchased 1 regular license for theme/template. but, I have realized. Theme/Template have use in more than one domain site by customer.

have you realize this type issue?

That any action by Envato?


Not a lot Envato can do, you can ask them to buy another license for each use but you can’t make them and suing them would be expensive and counter productive

I have already told him about that. but, though, will not bought another license by customer. So, What should we do?

nothing you can do, you have to appeal to their best side and hope they buy a license otherwise just get on with looking after other customers and block them them getting support by only providing support for one of their sites e.g. if they ask for help on refuse as they downloaded the product for and they need another license to support any more sites.

That means, if the customer will not need support. So, Every time he want to be using.
I think, Need to any action by Envato for that. It have many loss for authors.

Envato can’t do much about it, it would fall down to you as the product owner to do something but realistically unless you don’t support then, you can’t do much more.

You can do nothing, as long as your system works like that.
it is not envato fault.
Look what Artbees is doing. It iasking you to validate the ENvato License to their site, so you can get a valid license then from their API sso you can work with their products.

Hackable if someone works - but works for simple users