AuthorID checks for AudioJungle Authors during September

Korean ID cards do not have English names, but only Korean names. There is an expired passport that has not been renewed, but I wonder if I can check my ID with it. “” says that there are six days left for ID verification, but it takes more than two weeks to renew your passport, except for Chuseok(days for Thanksgiving). Is it possible with an expired passport?

What is the actual reasoning behind asking for these ID checks? I see that you mention it is supposed to provide a trusted environment for customers and authors, but what is the thought process behind that? I’ve had a decent amount of tracks with Audio Jungle for years. With all the personal info being leaked through the internet these days, I honestly feel uncomfortable sending all this stuff over.


Sorry folks,
there are serious issues with this.
Do not send ID check links via eMail. There is no way for the receiver to make sure that it is not fake.
Make a link in the author space so that you are in a safer environment. An ID check like this with a passport and a picture of yourself opens doors for serious data abuse like identity theft and credit card issues.
In our times you should think way more serious about this.


Hi all.

@MetroMusic That’s fine - there should be no problem with your Serbian government ID containing Latin and Cyrillic characters.

@AlexPaul Our team has received your most recent check, and they’re looking into it for you.

@XeePress Korean characters should be fine. Korean ID cards are supported by this system, as long as the name on your account is a reasonably close translation. If your passport has only expired in the last couple of years, it should be fine - if it’s older than that, open a support ticket and they can help you out.

For general questions about the Author ID process, please refer to the FAQ here - it also has details on the service provider that we use, and the security measures they have in place.

@guitar237 Thanks for the feedback - I’ve passed it on to the ID team. In general, whether you received a link from email or in your Author Dashboard, your documents should only be uploaded to the environment, where they are protected by the security measures detailed above.

The Author ID process gives another layer of trust for customers. It means that items they purchase haven’t just passed a quality review, they have also come from sellers who have verified their identity with the marketplace provider, so those sellers are who they say they are. This makes it more difficult to abuse the system, for example by creating disposable accounts to upload stolen content. We have been verifying all new Envato Market and Envato Elements accounts for the last few years, and we’re now rolling this out to cover all active Market authors as well.


@InspiringIdeas :
" the app shows the photo in a cartoon like mode, ".
Me too!! Help please…
Thank you.

@BenLeong :
" the app shows the photo in a cartoon like mode, ".
Me too!! Help please…
Thank you.

Hi @J-FG - sorry about the late reply!

For anyone else encountering this, the “cartoon” image is simply showing whether the camera is working for that part of the check, before confirming that the person submitting the check is the same one shown on the ID documents.

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Do you accept new authors on the audio jungle?

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I have 2 accounts, do I have to provide identification for both? thanks

Face recognition takes forever to wait, was unable to complete id check. Also i find this method very unsafe. Asking for sensitive data via email is also a not so smart thing.