Author who refuses to fix issues and refuses refund

I have an author who sent expired plugins and a buggy theme and did not have the flexibility that was promised in the purchase details. Any experience with this?

Item support is promised but not provided

If an author advertises their item as including item support, you have a current support entitlement, and you are not provided that support in accordance with the item support policy the author should provide you with a refund.

Without the details of the item it is impossible to judge but if you believe that it is genuinely buggy, and this is a purchase within the support period, then you can officially request a refund - use the link at the bottom of this page.

Out of interest what reason is the author giving for not giving a refund?

Upon first receiving the theme bundle, two (2) of the main plugins were throwing update and activation codes, so those were not up to date. Asked for updates, but only got the one update and it wasn’t the full version of the plugin (limited features). So one plugin limited and the other needing activation code and update.
When trying to resolve the issue that I have used the plugin and never had it be that limited, the author said “Perhaps you are missing some sections. If so, it means you do not have all the recommended plugins installed.” So we were back to square one of author not providing updated plugins and the author recommended I spend more money on an already higher priced theme bundled package. Author never gave a reason for not wanting to give the refund. Very shady, IMO!

I suggest you submit a request using the link above.

  • It is normal for you to not have p/codes or be able to ‘activate’ plugins when they are bundled with themes, but they will still work, you just don’t get access to auto-updates etc.

  • It is also not uncommon for plugin functionality to be restricted to what is needed for the theme rather than being the full version.

Again, unfortunately, it sounds like it would need checking in more detail, so submitting a ticket is the best option