Author Teams now able to view and action refund requests.

Hi All,

Just a quick update: as of early next week, Author Teams will have authorisation to view and action refund requests on behalf of the author.

The refund request email notification will still only go to the main account email but those requests can now be automatically/manually forward to the team for assistance.

As always, please let us know if you see any issues or have any feedback.

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@matthewcoxy Some of the my author team are supporters (for answering questions) only. Can we have a setting to disable/enable this?

hi , i personally do not understand what is the interest of all this … it seems to me that envato failed to identify that what authors really need, this is being able to sell and thus to be helped in their quest to have buyers coming and buying their products, lots of us certainly do not need these isolated use types of options …


Where we can find refund requests as an author team.


@matthewcoxy Can you please add an option to allow team member to upload theme update?

There’s no plans for this right now, but I’ll let the team know.

Dear Matthew,

Unfortunately we can not find refund requests in our author team profiles. Would you please guide me ?


if you’re planning to do that, if possible, please put some kind of configurations in the main author account setting where the author can choose/assign specific privilege to each author team member. This will help some of the author team members can do their assigned job accordingly. (change description, update, handling refund, support…).
Thank you!

Hi @PixFlow,

Author team members won’t be able to see refund requests on their dashboard but they will be able to view and action them if you forward the refund request email (or URL).

We don’t plan to add refund requests to the dashboards of author team members at this stage.

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