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I don’t know if anyone here can help me or if this is the place to share my experience but I don’t know what else to do. I purchased this cart off Codecanyon - AJAX Cart for HTML. This item has over 600 sales and great reviews. I posted pre sales questions via comments and the author answered immediately. I purchased the item. The purchase states that this file includes “6 months support from gHayer.” After purchase, I followed the instructions exactly. There are several issues and errors immediately after installing. In fact, the entire cart does not even work. I visited the authors support page and sent a message. I messaged the author directly through their Envato profile page. I also made several comments on the items comments section. All to no avail. It has been over 1 week and the author has not responded to any of my messages, emails or comments. I have a client who I’m doing this work for and I have to answer to them. How do I explain NO progress on just the cart after 1 full business week???

In the corporate World, waiting this long to solve an issue is far beyond unacceptable. It’s so unprofessional. I don’t understand how or why this happens? I have been using Envato for several years. It’s my go to place for many things and has enhanced my work. My experience with authors has been bipolar. Some authors bend over backwards to help and they are so greatly appreciated. They are also few and far between. My experience with several authors has been very poor. They either refuse to communicate in a timely fashion (or at all) or they are very unprofessional. Things have seemed to have got better in the last couple of years. It’s either because I exhaustively research authors and options more and/or the quality of authors has improved.

gHayer’s cart is amazing. It’s exactly what I was looking for. This is why I love Envato, because I can find solutions like this that allow me to offer more to my clients at competitive prices. As amazing and brilliant as it is, it’s useless to me if it doesn’t function and has no support.

Why am I telling you this? I’m looking for some insight? I do not understand how an author with over 600 sales of this file and great reviews, who I paid for 6 months of support, fails to simply reply after 1 week with a brand new customer. gHayer’s profile says he’s from India. Is there a holiday going on in India right now? Is there something that I’m unaware of that happening??? Can someone… anyone shed some light as to what is going on so that I can simply finish my work and get paid from my customer, who I have to answer to on the phone every day asking, “why isn’t the cart working yet???”


If it not working for you and author not answer you in a week such as your reported, you can refund and buy other.

You can request your refund at here:


Thanks for the reply. I know that I can probably get a refund, but I really want to use this file and I think it’s a simple fix (for the author). It just doesn’t make sense how I haven’t heard from the author in 1 week, when the author was answering pre sales questions at this time (11pm, Sunday in India) last week.


You can wait until Monday then you have two choices:

  • Get refund if author plugin still not response or fixed your issue.
  • Hire a freelancer to work on it and fixed for you.


I didn’t think about hiring a freelancer. Is this something that you could do for me as a freelancer?


I’ve looked through the guys comments and it looks like he gets back to everybody, just at very infrequent intervals. Like he last responded to a bunch of comments 7 days ago., Before that, he responded to a bunch of comments 26 days ago. It’s as if he only provides support on one day every couple of weeks. At least that’s how it looks for the last month or so. Far from ideal.

Hopefully he’ll get in touch soon. Hiring a freelancer would be an option in the meantime, but a bit of a bitter pill to swallow if support is included free. Then again, the functionality you need might be outside the remit of his support, so you might have to hire someone anyway when he does get around to replying… I’m not sure, I’m no web wizard.

Good luck though!


You can hire any one you want :D.


I think he was checking if you had the ability to do what he’s looking for, whether you’re available to do so, and whether you’d like to!



Thanks. Nice observation. I missed those time frames. I’m not trying to do anything other than install his cart. Right out of the box, with no modifications it has errors and does not function properly.

I think the comments you are referring to are pre sales, even though after a purchase they get tagged as “purchased.”