Author/Sellers late response.

Hi Envato Support Team,

I’m calling your attention about the behaviour of the seller that some sellers are not responding right away of the buyers concerns regarding their products. Authors/Sellers must understand that the buyers have clients who are waiting for days, weeks or a month to make things right. They are mad and upset because of the late reply. Please advice the authors/sellers to response of any issues regarding their products.

Thank you.

I believe that in the vast majority of cases authors will address any problems as quickly as possible - there’s no positive reason as to why they wouldn’t.

That said - it’s not always that easy and there may be many reasons why they cannot address problems or provide answers instantly.

Also with all due respect to people who use items from envato for clients - it really is not the author’s job to manage other peoples’ client relationships or work to their timeline. I would imagine that as long as buyers are honest with their clients and tell them that the work is based on third-party templates then they are more likely to be sympathetic about any delays.

You didn’t get my point sir. Authors/Sellers have responsibility to us as buyers.

If they provide support then yes, they do have a responsibility to respond to support requests in a reasonable timeframe. The issue here is, and the whole point of this thread is… what’s a reasonable timeframe?

Can we ask envato team support what timeframe should the authors/sellers will respond to the buyers request support?

Some authors/sellers don’t care to respond for 5 days or more or even weeks. Is that reasonable?

I’m not debating there is a responsibility to answer at all, or even that they should be replying in a reasonable amount of time - but the phrase “not responding right away” insinuates pretty immediate.

As @SpaceStockFootage raised - determining what is and is not reasonable can be difficult, it will likely vary case by case, and there can’t be a one size fits all option.

Slightly off topic - I still think that regardless of the rights and wrongs of if an author does, or does not reply, and in what time frame - managing client expectations on a third party, without being entirely transparent about the source of templates is dangerous and unprofessional, and there really is no reason we can see as to why anyone would do that.

Many authors have an estimated time frame under their item’s “support” tab - have you checked there? What item is it?

If it says 1 day and it’s taking them over a week to reply then that would be entirely different