Author removed script - Lost support, stolen money !??

The author removed its AI script overnight without warning and with months of lost support for over 1000 customers, plus the consequences of this for all of us.
How can I trust a script purchase for my business when we see this kind of practice, how can authors like this stay on this envato platform. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this.
They have other scripts online, so they can do the same, it’s unacceptable. I want my money back and more.
I’m going to call in a lawyer because there are damages. This is unacceptable and must not be allowed to pass.

Just because an item has disappeared doesn’t mean you’ve been scammed.

Envato removes items quite often without warning. I’ve had my own items removed before, and they asked me to make a few small code changes before they could be relisted. None of those changes impacted any of my buyers – Envato is just like that sometimes.

Therefore, it’s very possible that you will see the item reappear soon.

It is also possible that the author could have chosen to stop selling new licenses. I’ve done this before too. This doesn’t mean your license or support period are void – on the contrary, they are still required to support you until the existing commitment ends.


We also removed one of our products, but we still continue to provide updates and support. If the author does not provide support, such accusations may be acceptable, but the author’s deletion of the software does not directly make him/her a “fraudster”.

I understand, but without any communication from him, it’s pretty incredible. If we pay for scripts, it’s so that they can be maintained (and upgrade) because they’re sometimes used in business. How can we trust them when from one day to the next, what we build can disappear.

The problem is: no communication, I’m not the only buyer to be surprised, it’s absolutely unprofessional. We have no communication, so no guarantee that the support will continue, or that the script will be updated or dead. We don’t know anything, it’s not acceptable, they’ve sold this script over 1000 times and from one day to the next, nothing.

Envato needs to communicate on the page of the deleted script with a message from the author or envato to indicate what’s going on. This isn’t very clear to envato customers either, but the customer experience is simple to correct: Communication!

Unfortunately the way things work prevents envato from having any way to guarantee continued author support, updates, item maintenance as the copyright dots 100% with the author.

Presumably you have tried to contact them via their support or through their profile page so see if they can explain what is happening?

Yes, but no answer.

I think Envato could at least indicate whether the deletion of the item came from the author / or Envato and above all oblige the author to indicate why he deleted and the conditions of continuity. I’ve been an Envato subscriber for 14 years and there are some basic customer communications that still haven’t been implemented.

In another discussion, I read that an author was saying that sales were collapsing. If buyers are faced with this kind of author, how can they have the confidence to buy and invest in them. We also need to stop charging 20 euros for huge scripts, because that doesn’t pay the author, and I’m prepared to pay more if I have a guarantee of continuity over time. An effort is needed on both sides, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen items removed, it breaks the trust. It’s no longer possible, you have to pay the right price and have guarantees on the other side. We also need to be able to really identify the authors with names, because you can’t create a business on envato and have it disappear just like that, with no guarantees for the customer. It kills business for everyone. Customers no longer trust us, and authors have fewer customers.