Author refusing refund even though theme does not work!

Hey there @mccannio, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience. Let me shed some light on your situation.

If the item is broken, you are entitled to a refund, regardless of what the author has to say. An approved, advertised as working item must work. No comments on that. The process for refunds is simple, first you must use this request link. This will send a refund request to the author for review. If the author rejects the refund and the item is broken, you can then escalate a dispute with Envato directly within the refund window. That will send your request over to Envato Support, which will analyze all information you and the author have provided and act accordingly.

As I mentioned before, an item that sells here must work, so if the item is broken, just open a refund request here ( ) wait for the author to reply, and if they reject your refund, escalate it with Envato. They’ll take care of your issue in the shortest possible time.

All items here must work as advertised, if an author fails to do that, you’re always 100% entitled and will receive a refund! No questions asked! If the author doesn’t help you, you can be sure Envato will!