Author refused to Support, Kindly get him to refund for the customer

I have been using the services for past 10 years, I have faith in it.

Recently I purchased the item (Link is given below) from its author and the author denied supporting without mentioning a TAT. He is calling all to contact him on Whatsapp and is denying to upload the documentation of the product on the Envato Code download.

My faith has shaken due to this new behaviour from an author.

|### ankit sinha|Sun, Jun 9, 5:51 PM (3 days ago)||!
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|to me

seems you are in such hurry that you have given rating in 7 hour still i have sent you installation even cant wait for few hours and gone in panic mode. as per review i am not giving you support any more

The author can’t refuse to support an item nor can they not include documentation with an item (or would never be approved in the first place).

Just send evidence to envato

Envato Help and Support

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It’s disheartening when a long-time trusted service provider disappoints. It seems the recent interaction with the author of the RideIn Taxi App on CodeCanyon has been frustrating. Despite purchasing their product, they’ve denied support without clarity on a timeline, directing users to Whatsapp instead. This shift in behavior raises concerns about reliability and transparency. Customers deserve better communication and adherence to promised support channels. Also Visit to fesco for online bills and best go karts

I am attaching a file here which i downloaded
please extract it and see what it does contains
and moreover just look at the comments from him in all the purchases confirmation he is calling all to whatsapp.

Although i might be an exception but see i have lost my luck outside code

canyon by not contacting author and paying on the codecanyon.

Now i am not asking Support anymore i am asking for refund from that day.
This is first time in ten years i must say, you can check even my history.

No one can help you here.

Only support can issue refunds

Can I get a refund