Author refuse to refund, what can I do ? (answer : nothing)


I need to do a emergency woocommerce export/import for client (on sat and sun). Woocommerce standard export didnt export all product data/ variation.

I found a plugin on codecanyon so I purchased it
After installing and trying to import data into new fresh install (theme generatepress / php7.4) : no import… plugin did not work.

So, as it was an emergency asking from my client, I decided to use another method so I used AIO WP Migration then clean all no-woocommerce data.

Know I try to get refund for the plugin and contacted author several time but answer is always the same “Please provide the FTP details and Admin panel information so we can check the issue and resolve it.”

He make me crazy because I send him several message explaining his pluggin didnot work on my fresh install and I had be forced to find another solution.

Now, my trouble is solve by using another plugin.
Does it really not able to be refund for this plugin ? What do you think ?

Greg, France

Author is willing to fix the problem you’re having but due to your issue was urgent and you didn’t want to wait, you purchased another plugin.

I don’t think you’d be able to get the refund as you have already downloaded the item.

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Thank you for your answer.

The irony is that I bought this plugin to do a cleaner job without using the free plugin I usually use (but it imports everything, not just woocommerce)… in the end, it was with this free tool (which worked on the 1st try… wow) that I solved my problem.

You’re in truth, I just receive this answer : “According to Code Canyon refund policy, a refund is only possible when there is a bug in the plugin which has not been solved.”

If I can understand this kind of policy even if I expect to have a product that works immediatly when Ibuy it. Anyway…, I definitly cant understand lack of empathy, understanding or business acumen. … (Man is a wolf to man).

The reason for the refund " I don’t need the plugin anymore " is not listed on the policy but on the bright side, you have gained/experienced a new thing that you should be not hurrying-up to purchase the items as there were already free ones.