Author refuse to refund even though product not working

Dear Community,

I need some help.

I have make a refund request but the Author doesn’t want to approve it. The author also trying to twist and turn the product description to confuse me.

On 21st Dec 2017, I purchased a plugin that needed Google Map API key to work on Wordpress.
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On the same day I’ve tested it and it doesn’t display the map at shipping calculation, so I asked the author for help. I’ve provided full admin access.

On 22nd Dec, I visited the website and the website is messy because Author deactivated few plugins and changed to WP default twenty seventeen theme and doesn’t change it back. I have to change it back myself.

Since that day until 28th Dec (except Xmas), I try to troubleshoot and tried multiple ways to get the Map to work but FAIL.

Every time I write in the comment section of the product page about the progress and asking for support, the author always reply “no support for modified file”. In this case, the file was MINIFIED by Cloudflare. Author doesn’t know that it was minified by Cloudflare, I found out about it myself.

Last 3 days, I make a refund request, the Author started to reply to my comment and refund request more seriously.

Once I inform the author about the progress that I deleted Cloudflare cache, set Cloudflare to Development mode, and tried the plugin again and again but still doesn’t display the Map. The Author replied that it has been stated in the documentation that the plugin “doesn’t work with software that has compatibility issues with Google Maps”. I read the documentation a few times and I can’t find what the Author claimed, clearly the Author is lying. Cloudflare is worldwide used CDN. If I have known that it doesn’t work with Cloudflare, I wouldn’t purchase the plugin.

Therefore, I’m entitled for the refund under the situation “Item doesn’t work the way it should”. I’m referring to point n°2 of refund policy at

For your information, my current theme and 2 other plugins are using Google Map API key and they work great even with Cloudflare activated.

The author want to provide “support” to “troubleshoot” the error again.

The thing is I don’t trust the Author anymore. TRUST is very important in doing business but the Author doesn’t understand it, all the Author want is MONEY.

Last time, the author ignore me when I needed help. Now when I ask for a refund, he offers “support”.

Besides, I have also found a replacement plugin since I have wasted more than 1 week to troubleshoot the problem ALL ALONE.

All I want now is refund, how to make this stubborn and negligent Author to refund me?

Escalate the request to Envato support and they will hear your side and author’s side and will take a decision.

A side note, before judging the author, please keep in mind that many buyers use the refund and rating system for blackmailing, so sometimes authors will act weird because of that.

As @twisted1919 said le envato know and they will take a decision.