Author PRO with tracks Royalty Free

I am an affiliate author SIAE Italian PRO since 1982, but all my products on AudioJungle are royalty free (not deposited in SIAE as previously required by Envato policy)), now that draws me and asked are listed as PRO author I need to deposit SIAE in all the songs i had already 'loaded on AudioJungle? Thank you.

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Ciao :slight_smile:
stessa cosa per me…ho venduto giorni fa una licenza broadcast con un royalty free…ora sto depositando tutto in Siae…!
l’Ho fatto proprio perche se va in radio o che, abbiamo qualcosa in più!
In bocca al lupo :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Same situation here…Siae. Days ago i sold a Broadcast license and so i deposited that item (and others, just to bring me ahead, you never know)…so MAYBE we can get some extra money that i think it’s due for composers which music is aired.
Hope it helps you out
Good luck!

You don’t have to register your AJ tracks with SIAE. But you are allowed to do so.

If you want to register your AJ tracks with SIAE you will have to do it yourself. Your track will not be automatically registered just by selecting PRO affiliation from within your Envato dashboard.

Not sure, if I understood your question correctly, sorry if I haven’t.

Ciao, avevo capito che si puo’registrare i brani al PRO, ma devi avere a quel punto tutto il portafoglio registrato oppure rimanere con tutto il portafoglio Royalty Free. La mia domanda era per i brani gia’pubblicati e quindi con licenze gia’vendute Royalty Free, anche quelli si possono registrare al PRO?

Hello, I realized that you can record the tracks at the PRO, but you have to have at that point all the registered portfolio or stay with the entire portfolio Royalty Free. My question was for published songs already and then with licenses already sold Royalty Free, even those can be recorded to the PRO?

si io ho registrato in Siae il brano dopo che lo hanno preso per broadcast

Yes i did register the item after purchase


Hi :slight_smile: !! i’m new here, i 've got some questions…being or not a P.R.O author, in your opinion and experience, make a difference for the costumer??, certainly is a benefit for as,but for the client,make a difference? and how?..that’s because i’m thinking to change in P.R.O, an i would not change the sales possibilities!! thanks !!!

Hello, until now I have held here on AudioJungle only royalty free, but if you want to “work” you MUST have a PRO …

Thanks!! but, with work do you mean, in “Aj sales” or by earning from your P.R.O?

both, however, my songs on AudioJungle are not currently registered with the PRO, for the customer to AudioJungle does not change anything, unless you do not intend to sell the product on other sites such iTunes or doing radio and TV steps, in that case the PRO will claim still mechanical reproduction and public performance rights that belong to you …

So for the customer does not change nothing…interesting!!..thanks very much for the informations!! so i think to change in P.R.O!:slight_smile: