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I recently uploaded this track and got a hard rejection. Can any of you guys check it out for me and tell me why you think it was rejected? Some of these rejections make little sense to me.

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I think the thing in the kick , it sounds too quiet , and not mixed with the General sound ! that’s what’s climbing in the eye !

Hey, listened to your track. I have to agree with WildLion_Production that the kick is too quiet and overall mastering is a bit loose. It also may seem repetetive but in my case I like it. Just don’t know what the reviewer picked as a reason.

Hey Steve!

Can I ask what category you submitted this to? I am having trouble guessing what genre this is.

My personal thoughts are that the main piano theme is way to quiet/washed out. If it’s should be your main theme it shouldn’t feel like it’s trying to hide behind everything else.

The track is quite monotonous, and definitely does not warrant a 2:17 run time. You’ve fleshed your theme before the halfway point. I can’t see a way to justify the length of this track.

Overall everything sounds kind of muddy. No one sound or idea is sticking out, everything sounds like its clumped together and hiding, scared to step into the limelight.

Just my own two cents of course, best of luck in the future!

Hi @Sharriton

I guess this is some type of ambient track. I think the composition is good, it has nice and relaxing sound. But, the mix and master are not well. For this type of the song, sound should be warm, precise and deep. I hope this was helpful to you.


Hey Steve,

I actually really like this - lovely chilled vibe. But I do agree with @SethKL, if the track is going to go on for over a couple of minutes there needs to be a bit of variation to maintain interest. Perhaps youtube a few tutorials for some mixing/mastering advice to get the most out of your sound - I personally always try and listen to a similarish good-selling AJ track to use as a reference/inspiration.

Don’t be disheartened - I had a track rejected last week, it’s just part and parcel. We’re all learning. Keep submitting!