Author of template permanent??

Unfortunately this evening, I made myself admin of the website and ALL of the work I had done under the previous Admin title (the author) was lost when I deleted that email and account.
Purchased a template because I’m clueless and in a hurry to get a website. The author needed my HostGator and WP usernames and PWs, and helped by installing the template Demo. I spent two days editing this great thing. When I figured I didn’t need the author’s help any longer, I deleted him from the Users. Well that took away the Demo and any work I did under that User identity. Makes sense. So under my User identity, I reinstalled the Demo, ready to start over. It completed and prompted me to log back in… but I couldn’t using my email/username. Because just maybe I used the ones I was sent after the first Demo install and it worked. The Demo install erased me as a User and had the author back as Admin. And again I can’t change the name or email to mine.

Basically, if I want to use the Demo and the “One-click install” feature, that User and email have to permanently be on the account.

This doesn’t seem right… buyers of this template should be able to make themselves admins and remove the author’s email address without losing the Demo.

I’m so confused! What am I missing?


Please contact your purchased item author and let them know. Ask them why this is happening. They will check it for you and will assist you to fix any issues you are facing.


I did… just have to wait. Big time difference. If someone else has faced a similar issue, I’d love to hear about it. Is this normal? Can I begin working on the new install and plan for the author to change his email to mine? Or do authors plan to keep their emails as the main?

I think no because it never should. Just would like to know. After demo install when you deleted the author user then wordpress should to suggest you to transfer all post/pages mean everything created by author to another exist admin account. So, when you will go to remove any admin account then you have to get ready another admin account to get all data transfer to new admin account. By the way I assuming you are talking about wordpress.


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Yes, Wordpress. This didn’t happen, of course. Instead, even now the author’s email is still present, and I’m not able to change it to mine.
I think he will fix this easily. Hoping…

when you will try to change email then it will be pending untill you will not confirm the new email from the email (confirmation email should to send your new setup email with confirmation link).

I think so. Author is responsible to fix such kind of issues.

It says the email change is pending, but I haven’t received anything. It seems like the author has to approve the change, since I can’t.

Please check the provided email spam and other tab you must should to receive email and you have to confirm (new replaced email).

Well now you can understand how this is frustrating… I have not received one for sure.

Then please wait for the author support. Hope they will fix all of these issues for you. Thanks

Yes I hope so. I was hoping someone could explain to me if this was normal. It appears not.

It is not uncommon for post etc to go if you delete the user who created them - that’s why you have an option to transfer them to another user when deleting them.

The second issue is that installation and setup is not part of author support, but it sounds like the author is trying to help regardless

Can you not login at all to the WP-admin?

Would it not be easier to just wipe everything and create a fresh installation of WP and reinstall the theme/demo etc.?

The author has been super… I gave a glowing 5 star rating.
I installed a fresh Demo under me as admin. This is what was strange- I had to log back in after it installed, but my user/admin account was gone. I logged in under previous user info that the author gave me after Demo was installed the first time, and it was back to square one. Demo installed, author as admin, and I’m unable to change the email. I’ve added myself back as an admin and can do work under either account. But the big question is now what… Will the author’s email and name (can’t delete that either) be permanent as long as the Demo is installed?
I’m brand new to this stuff. Hoping to hear from him but I know it’s the weekend and I might not until Monday.

That is odd - if you fully removed all traces of the previous installation of WP, and created a new database for the fresh installation then it’s almost impossible for all the same old information and data to be there

The above sounds like a “fresh installation of the demo” rather than a “fresh installation of WordPress” itself before installing the theme and demo again there?

The existing installation sounds messy and so an entirely start from a blank slate makes the most sense

Definitely a fresh install of the demo and not WP. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
Been working on the new site with the author still “attached.” Hoping it’ll be an easy email swap when he gets back in touch with me.

It’s very possible that assuming the author can login then they can reset you as admin and move forward but if there’s confusion in the admin with the back and fourth to date then I’d definitely wipe the lot and start over (really not a big job) with a clean slate.

I’m going to need more coffee…

Still no resolution. is still the admin and I haven’t received any help. I would not recommend this template to anyone.

please go to template comments page and ask them to fix this. Or go to template support page and get in touch with the template author to fix it. Author are responsible to fix. In forum we can just send you the right path to get support. Thanks