Author not reponding


There is an error when uploading the template. The author is not responding.

New template details as follows:-
Licensor’s Author Username: G5Theme Licensee: Vancha Lakhotia
Item Title: Mowasalat - Logistic and Transports WP Theme
Item URL:
Item ID: 17387412
Item Purchase Code: [removed by mod]
Purchase Date: 2018-03-15 11:26:32 UTC
License Certificate

Kindly refund my amount for this template.


Hi! You should submit request ticket here.

They are a pretty highly regarded author -

  • what is the error you are getting?

  • How/where did you try to contact them and how long ago?

Based on the time you posted this, and the time you bought the item… you’ve given a maximum of 18 hours for the author to respond to you. Might be worth waiting a bit longer before considering a refund… I’m sure the author will get back to you as soon as they can @G5Theme

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Hi @vanchalakhotia
I provide help desk for all items at but don’t see any topics created by you, here:
And haven’t got any comments on item, here:
Please tell me where you contact us? I think you request wrong author for support in this case.
Waiting your response on your refund thread.
Thanks @SpaceStockFootage let me know.


Dear Sir,

I have contacted you through ----

Email G5Theme Section
Will contact you through this now

For the time being dont refund the amount . Will contact you through this

Thank you.


Installing Theme from uploaded file:
Unpacking the package…

Could not copy file. g5plus-mowasalat/assets/plugins/owl-carousel/owl.carousel.js

Hi @vanchalakhotia
With this reason i don’t know what problem you had. I think for fastest, you can create topic on my help desk then give us your account WordPress there, i will login directly to check. Or you can add skypeid our support team: We will check & find a solution for you.

Tried to login getting this error


Please add our skype id above for fastest support in this case. Thanks