author name issue on codecanyon

Hey, I upload an item on codecanyon. But he asks me.

This just means you have verified MasudaThemes. You need to prove you own MizanExpert as their name was in the code.


I’m author, I added my branding name.

I not understand what he’s saying.

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You are Author in envato market. So, it’s better to provide your profile/portfolio page URL as your Author URI. Your website URL is masudatheme . com then what is the relation between you and
mizanexpert . com!

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I want to use my name as author.
Item URL will be my item URL.

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Reviewer is asking about this! and asked you to prove the relation.

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If I use my name, and author url. what is the problem.

You can clear about it.

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Have you completed the Author ID check? If yes then your name should your verified name used in Author ID check and about author url I have replied in my first post. Just you made the reviewer confused /doubt and that’s why Reviewer asked you to prove the relation.

Author ID check completed.

i understand now.

So I think I need to use my envato author name and profile URL on author and author URL.

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yes, you can use your name or username (better) as Author and profile/portfolio page as Author URI. Thanks


I changed the name, but still bad luck.

Reviewer doubts about ownership.

I also send the issue to Envato support.

Then he says this.

Are you able to provide any documentation that this is your item, design/coding of this item etc?

Can you clear me about this?

Thank you for your help.

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Perhaps you can just ask the reviewer to check the WHOIS for It’s clearly your domain.



Oh, That is a great tip. I forget to say about it.