Author Level Changed

My author level changed for no reason. Is there an update for author levels values or a bug?

I have same problem. Before I was 9 now 8 :slightly_smiling:

What is it going on, I was 7th and now 2

Is this a joke?

Wow 5 level down. :slight_smile: I am sure it is a bug or a system error.

My author level changed from 6 to 5. Definately a bug.

Oh, also “old/removed items” sales count removed. only i am seeing current portfolio items sales count. :smile:

I see that i also got demoted from level 7 to 6 :frowning: what’s going on ?

Same here level8 to level7

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I noticed a decrease in level for some of the authors above that removed some of their items.
For example @plexdesigns, in your themeforest profile says that you have 5,148 sales (level 7), but you have just 2 items in your portfolio now (11 sales - level 2).

Maybe Envato decided to calculate the level based on the actual sales (active selling items) … ?!

Problem solved. Envato fixed it. We are happy now :smile:

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