Author Level 8




I was just checking in to count the views on our latest upload, still rocking 0 sales, but then I was happily greeted by this!


All the great people at Envato, we’re constantly impressed by the high level of service, professionalism and good tone in this place. You work hard for our 30% :wink:

@JakubVejmola - our most awesomest VideoHive collaborator, do check out his Explainers!

Our fantastic buyers - we’re always happy to help and please come back for more :thumbsup:

The Envato Community - keeping this place alive and kicking!

Cheers from Sweden :sunglasses: :wine_glass: and have a great weekend!

Oscar & Marie


Wow congrats @Stockwaves !!!:smiley:


Congratulations!!! :slight_smile:


Congrats,big achievement :slight_smile:


Congratulations Stockwaves! Well deserved achievement :slight_smile:


Congrats! @Stockwaves :tada:


Congrats @Stockwaves, nice achievement :slight_smile:


Congratulations :wink:


Congrats! Really amazing achievement!!! :tada:


Great, congrats!


Snyggt! Congrats!


Wow! awesome job :smiley:


Just amazing!!!:scream_cat: Great work guys!!! Congratulations!!:birthday::champagne::beers:


Well deserved, Sir! Keep up the fantastic work. Nice to see an author tackle some of the more unique categories and market niches. You’ve shown us that there’s much more to selling on AJ than making corporate music, and you’re a proven success story of taking the path less traveled.

Not only are you level 8 but soon you’ll be on page 1 of the top authors list which is one heck of an achievement! So congratulations! :tada:


Big congrats!!!


Amazing works and achievement! Congrats for that :tada:


Congratulations! @Stockwaves It’s Fantastic!


@Stockwaves :sparkles: Fantastic!:sparkles: :star2:Congratulations on your achievement!:star2:


Wow that huge. Congratulations @Stockwaves :blush: :tada:


Wow, congratulation. Great job brother.:tada: