Author Level 6! Thank you Very Much!!

I want to thank the Envato team and all my customers, it’s very honorable for me.

In fact, I got this badge a little earlier, but I did not have time for a while. In these difficult days (when Coronavirus was everywhere) I didn’t really want to celebrate this event. But for objectivity, I think it would be worth writing about it. The fall in sales (since mid-March), which lasted more than 2 months, is quietly coming back to normal this month (this is my personal experience, perhaps others have not yet seen this). Therefore, I wanted to say that in any case I am grateful that I can earn and create here. Thanks to the Envato Team! I hope all will be ok. Good luck everyone! :relaxed:


Congrats! :grinning:

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Congrats! :+1:

Good news, congrats! :beer:

Congrats ! :tada:

Congrats man! Totally deserved! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Congratulations! Happy for you! :+1: