Author Level 4 - at last!

Got the level 4 badge now - does anyone know if it has any effect on anything? :smiley:


Congratulation @Soundlufs :tada: Good luck for more success :slight_smile:

Congratulation @Soundlufs :tada:

Congratulations! )) “does anyone know if it has any effect on anything” - yes, I know. It’s +1 to your Karma.))

@AudioBeard Hmm… I assumed that Envato Elite program has a lot of perks as you climb up, but would never guess it frees you from reincarnations circle at the top end :slight_smile:

Thank you all guys, really preciate your kind words, and will try not to disappoint!

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Congratulation mate. Yes, it make us more hard work to get Level 5. :sunglasses:

Congratulations and welcome to the club @Soundlufs! Did they show you the secret handshake? :wink:

@MidnightSnap That actually awaits till I make a trip to the headquarters :sunglasses:

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Gratz, mate! Keep going :slight_smile:

Congratulations!! The effect is that you are closer to the elite :sunglasses:

Congratulations dude!!!

Congratulations, mate! Keep up your great work!