Author Level 3, Finally, But...

Hey everyone!
I finally made it to author level 3 although I got a big draw back because of the search engine.
My question is: Why I can’t find most of my tracks in any of the searching pages?
I have come to a conclusion that when you rename a track, it kinda gets lost forever in the engine search!
For example , I’ve got a track named Documentary and there is nowhere to be seen in top 10 pages of search, even though other titles other than the word documentary show up even in the top 3.
And it’s not the matter of tags as far as I know, because I’ve got the title and the tag named Documentary!
Any Ideas?
Hugs from the

Hey LostSoundStudio. I ran a little series of search tests on your item. Indeed searching only on “documentary” lands you at number 360 in the search. If I added to the search a tag word from your tag list, i.e., “documentary heartbroken”, you landed at number 5. If I used another tag word from your list, i.e., “documentary confusion” you landed at number 6. If I used “heartbroken confusion” you’re the one and only in the search list.

Believe me I do not claim to understand anything about the search techniques here. However, my simple test does seem to indicate…

  • If a buyer uses a single search word that happens to be a popular descriptor (like Documentary), then there will be much competition for tops in the search list. In that case you fell way back in priority (hard to say all the factors involved with this). And we all know that for some of the ultimate descriptors like “Inspiring” and “Upbeat”, AJ gives additional priority to top selling items.
  • If a buyer uses more than one descriptor that happens to match your title and/or tag words exactly, then you have a much better chance at landing near the top.

It’s hard to know if buyers use one search word or more. Based on the low viewing stats I see on a monthly bases, I’m guessing that many buyers only use one word. This is pure speculation on my part - no science behind it.

I think one silver lining to this test is that it appears that AJ still uses the tag words as part of the search criterion.

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By the way, congrats on making level 3! :+1:

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Kate Hunter is the Organic Search Manager at Envato and has written an awesome article for Envato Market authors to help improve item page SEO:

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Thanks a lot for your clarifications MidnightSnap.
Unfortunately as far as I can tell people search one word. That’s why I am frustrated.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your support and congrats on your 5th level. Great work there!
Hugs from,

Thanks a lot hevada I’ll check it out!