Author Is Not Honoring Support - How to Claim Refund

I’ve been using Envato for a long time, never have I had to claim a refund before so i am very disappointed.
After making my website live Google reported to me that my site contains potential malware. I ran malware software which came back saying two files were suspicious, but it does not say which files. I removed any plug-ins not included in the package and ran the scan again with the same results.
Then I ran the scan on our development site which had fewer plug-ins installed and is on a separate domain and account and had the same results. Two suspicious files.
Then I referred back to a test site where we had installed the demo and no plug-ins, again on a different domain and account. The scan again found two suspicious files.
I have contacted the author who is telling me it is probably a problem with my domain, that there is nothing they can do and has not responded since. This was despite my telling them we ran the test on three domains with the same results.
We are very disappointed because we really liked the Infinite theme from Goodlayers and have used Goodlayers in the past and were happy with their product. Now I have a website built on their theme that is being dinged by Google for those suspicious files included in the packaged theme we installed.

Have you checked the author’s theme demo site? If it is perfect, then I believe issue might be on your side. Did you try to chat with your web hosting? May be you are hosting on shared server and it is compromised due to other user’s websites.


Viruses on hosting is complex problem. If you are infected the whole Wordpress installation most of time is compromised, if you have a VPS or Server and multiple sites with same FTP access, the whole server is compromised.

I’m pretty sure that at 99% is not the theme the problem but your hosting.

Try this to delete everything, every single file of all the web sites in same account OR scan the site to found the problem, but it’s difficult.