Author is claiming credits for our end product

One of my client had purchased item from envato. He modified it and released it to public. Now the author is using customer’s brand details for his publicity. This is embracing situation for client. Is there any thing that envato can do for this situation?

Depending on what modification and how itis being used could actually put the client in the wrong.

Assuming it’s within the relevant license, then no the author cannot use their info without permission, however there is not anything that envato can do as it is related to access from a private arrangement/project

It is moble application code from codecrayon. Client used that code and released app to play store as a free app.

Also that publicity is done on codecrayon and other social media site.

Ultimately the copyright remains with the author (regardless of if being incorporated to another item) - licenses are just permission to use it.

That said I would imagine that the client is well within their rights to ask the author to stop using their work without permission. Presumably they have done this?

Yes, but author want to take claim of success of that app.

What did the author say when the client asked them to stop claiming it?

I will ask exact response and let you know here.