author income from each sale?

How much does an author receive from each sale of $49 theme if he is an exclusive author?

From $34.30 down to $12.74. Depends on how much they’ve sold, where they live and whether they’ve filled out a W8 or not. But pre-tax, they’ll earn between $24.50 and $34.30

34.30 is if you have filled the w8 form and if you haven’t, it is $12.74 when a US buyer makes the purchase, correct?

hi, it also depends on whether u are an exclusive author or not, not only about fulfilling the W8 thing …

Thanks. I did mention exclusive author.

Anyway, I think I have figured it out.

So, the item price $49 includes 20% buyer fee, which gets deducted when a purchase is made.

Then 37.5% author fee is deducted on the remaining amount. Another 30% will be deducted if the purchase is made by a US person.

Not very encouraging though.