Author ID Checks

Enhorabuena, gran trabajo

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I fully support your opinion and position. Verification is required for all authors. Too many creators break the rules and litter our shared marketplace.


I would delete it and block it all, no questions asked. Authors can currently only have 2 accounts anyway, 1 exclusive and 1 non-exclusive. So that author breaked the rules for a long time anyway and should’ve been suspended long time ago.

We have a million tracks here, and a lot of them are sound-alikes anyway. No one will miss them and another tracks from honest and serious authors will take their place/sales very fast.

I say delete them, ban them and let legitimate quality authors / businesses finally get the space and visibility they deserve in the search results.

I’m really, really tired of all the fraud, copycating, bending the rules and other shady stuff going on the marketplace being ignored and even tolerated.

Makes me feel really stupid for not cheating and insults every serious author who wants to play fair and make an honest living here.


Totally agree with you!


I also agree with your statement @MomotMusic