Author ID checks for CodeCanyon Authors starting Oct 1

Hi all. Author ID checks for CodeCanyon Authors will be starting this week - this thread has all you need to know about the process.

What’s happening?

During September and October, CodeCanyon authors will be required to complete an Author ID check to verify the identity of the account owner. ID checks will be made available on Friday, 1st October, for a period of 4 weeks. You will receive an email notification with more information and a link to access your ID check.

We previously announced the introduction of Author ID here when the process began for new Envato Author accounts, and we rolled out ID checks to all ThemeForest authors in August. We’re now including current CodeCanyon authors in this process.

What’s an Author ID check?

An Author ID check confirms the identities of our authors, requiring photo ID documents and a photo (selfie) of the account owner. This provides a trusted environment for our customers and authors to conduct business, and maintain the success of our community.

We work with Jumio to conduct these ID checks - one of the world’s leading end-to-end ID verification solutions. Your privacy and security is our highest priority, and we use multiple safeguards (technical, procedural, and physical) to ensure the safety and integrity of your data

We believe that these checks help to protect both authors and customers. Customers can have more confidence when purchasing items, and authors can benefit from knowing that they’re working in a more trustworthy marketplace - this levels the playing field for all authors in the community.

:exclamation: For more information, please see our Help Centre article on Author ID Checks - we’ll be keeping this up to date with answers to all frequently-asked questions about the process.

My account is already verified - am I affected?

Many authors have already successfully completed an Author ID check. If you have received confirmation from Envato that your account is verified, you won’t need to complete a new check.



I’m a codecanyon author and I have the same problem. how do i solve this?

“You have no Author ID checks.”

Hi @XamDesign. If you have already completed an Author ID check (and received confirmation from Envato that your account is verified), you’ll see that message when you log in to - it just means that there are no incomplete checks are available for your account.

Hello. I’ve a few questions about my face photo and personal ID card that I submit.

  1. Will the photo and/or ID card be displayed somewhere publicly?
  2. Will a buyer have access to my ID card and/or photo?
  3. Will you remove my photo and ID card if I remove my Envato account after the verification process?
  4. Who will have access to my photo and/or ID card beside the Envato team?

Thank you!

hi this is a third party company dealing with ID checks, so I guess this answers your question 4. if I understand well enough, I guess that for 1 and 2 , the answer should be “no”

“A third party company” is not an answer. I need to know exact name.

just read Ben’s initial message then …

Here you go. It’s in one of the links in Ben’s initial reply!

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First time i hearing about Jumio. As time has shown, even in big companies like facebook, personal data leak might happen, unfortunately Jumio is not exception. There is no 100% secure method for personal data safety. When you send your personal data to someone in internet, anything might happen.
Authors have not very much choice. Take all risks and accept ID check or stop selling on Envato.

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Hi all. Thanks for the questions so far.

Jumio is the service provider that we are using for all Author ID checks. They’re a specialist in this area, and have PCI Level 1 compliance certification - if you have any concerns about them, please check out our Help Centre article or Jumio’s own website for more information.

@forza020 No, your photo and ID card images are not displayed publicly, and buyers have no access to these. Only our ID officers and Jumio have any access to the photos and identity documents used in a check, and this data is erased after that check has been completed - we don’t retain any ID information.


themeforest maintenance upgrade until when?

Hi @tiendatdinh. Today’s Envato Market maintenance finished around 2:50pm (AEST) - you can see full details of the downtime on

Update: The CodeCanyon Author ID checks will be available from this Friday, October 1st.

If you primarily sell on CodeCanyon, please check your email after Oct 1 for your check. Once these have been sent out, you’ll have four weeks to verify your account.

If you have any questions about the Author ID process, check our FAQ in the Author Help Centre, and ask in this thread if you still need more information.


I already verified my ID and received email saying its done successfully but all my portfolio items are still hard disabled.

Hi, just a question. I just recently completed the ID check, the problem is that the National ID used was already 3 years old and I’m probably not recognizable in the image in it due to facial changes during the years, will this affect the check result?

Yes I already had verified ID check for CodeCanyon on Envato but thanks a lot you give the wonderful information about ID checks that helps people to verify their ID checks easily

Hi @TitanSystems. You’ll receive a notification via email about your check result - older ID photos (as long as the document is still valid) shouldn’t prevent you from passing the verification check.

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I have submitted author id verification 4 days ago but still I don’t get any response but my known author whose id was verified within 1 hour after submitting the verification process. That’s why I am a little bit confused. Is there anything wrong from my side or is it a normal process?

Thanks & Regards

Hello, I got an email about the Author ID check that seems to come from Envato but it’s coming over Why should I click a button or a link in an email from Why not share a URL for Envato Verify on Envato’s domain?

Hi @zeymur,

If you check you will find the options to check author ID.

Log into and click ‘start check’.